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2020 Vision – How to plan for the year ahead.

The new year is upon us and at InspHired we’re beaming with expectation and excitement.  Having spent some time on holiday in December I had some time to think about what my team and I aim to achieve in 2020.  I put together a brief checklist to plan for the year ahead and I thought I’d share it with you.  Ready? Let’s go.

Look Back

In order to reach our goals we need to know how far away we are from them and how close we were to achieving them last time around. Best way to do this is to look back at how we did last year.  What did we do really well? What did we do really poorly? The critical thing is to be honest to yourself about what you did and write it down. An honest self assessment is the only place to start for individuals and teams looking to improve.  Remember, you can’t improve what you don’t accurately measure and hindesight really is 2020.

Get Clarity

Now that we know what we did well last year and what we need to improve, we can put together a clear plan.  I’m not going to bore with the whole SMART plan thing but in order to give yourself the best chance to achieve your goals they can’t only be in the air or even in your head.  Don’t get me wrong, all plans start in one’s head but they don’t need to stay there so they have to be communicated (preferably on a wall for all to see).  So this is what I think is critical you have to be specific, write down your goals, draw up a clear path to achieving them with timelines and review regularly.

Look Up

Eleanor Roosevelt said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  Look up and dream! I believe you can have all the best plans and strategies but without action it’s impossible to achieve those goals, even more critical is the belief in what you’re trying to achieve.  How far can you go if you don’t believe you’ll get there?  We’ve set some ambitious targets for 2020 and we’re looking up and ahead for a year of clarity and 2020 vision.  We wish you the same.




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