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Evolution – What ChatGPT and other emerging technologies demand of us.

At InspHired Recruitment we realised early in our inception that technology could simplify the recruitment process. Our organisation was founded on the premise that we would find innovative ways to solve recruitment problems and we’re proud to have build applications that have simplified our candidates and client’s live, however, ChatGPT will definitely take things up a notch.

Developed by a company called OpenAI, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model chatbot with the capability of dialogue bases responses, answering of follow up questions and even the impression of self awareness. ChatGPT leads the way in artificial intelligence chatbots and like everyone else, I was keen to explore how this technology could impact our industry from the technology itself.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools like machine learning and language applications have the potential to truly revolutionise recruitment. When I asked ChatGPT what it could do to simplify the recruitment process, it responded by suggesting its ability to automate repetitive tasks such as scheduling of interviews, matching CVs and even conducting initial interviews. This could significantly improve the life of a recruitment consultant by removing menial tasks from their schedule. Simplifying the lives of recruiters means they have more time to engage with candidates and clients.

Technology threatens to increase the divide between recruiters and candidates, therefore there is an urgent need for recruiters to increase the quality of their interaction with candidates and clients. There is no eminent threat of replacement for recruiters and ChatGPT acknowledges this, accepting that it cannot replace the “intuition, and interpersonal skills” recruitment consultants bring to the hiring process but it’s clear that recruiters who embrace and use the technology will outperform those who reject it.

Ultimately we need to evolve because the future of recruitment demands it. Candidates will need to get comfortable with being interviewed by an AI tool, clients can expect an improved level of screening as well as better understanding and engagement from their recruiters. Lastly, recruiters will need to embrace multiple AI tools because they are simply here to stay. Like ChatGPT says “I don’t have the ability to make predictions about the future, but it is likely that the use of language models like ChatGPT in the recruitment process will continue to grow and evolve. It is also likely that the role of recruiters will change as a result of these technological advances. ”


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