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How to prepare for your 2021 job search.

Looking back at 2020 none of us could have predicted what the year would be like. Early optimism was replaced with concern for our health our family and friends and ultimately the economy. At InspHired we’ve seen a rise in job applications which we believe represents the increased number of job seekers out there and if you’re in the market, this is my guide to your 2021 job search.

Guard your mental state.

With lockdown restrictions and the general state of the world around us, it’s more critical than ever to maintain a strong mindset especially when you’re in the middle of a job search. Keep your mind sharp by keeping the right company, if you can’t meet with people who have a positive effect on you then schedule regular calls or video chats. Reading, exercising, a good diet and taking courses online could also help. The battles we face are often won or lost in the mind. Keep this sharp.

Block out the space and time.

During hard lockdown I turned a room in my house into a dedicated office and this helped me to have productive days. I suggest you do that if you’re able to, but more importantly block out the time for your job search. A couple of hours a day uninterrupted, dedicated to applications, calls and follow ups. This will definitely improve your chances of finding work.

Set goals.

You might have to apply to a few jobs before getting an interview. I suggest you set goals. How many jobs will you be applying to daily? How many calls will you be making to recruitment agencies and hiring managers? Set these targets and don’t deviate from them. Review your results every week and adjust accordingly.

Sharpen your online profile.

By this I don’t mean simply changing your LinkedIn picture and updating your profile on job boards, I mean sharpen every part of your online profile. Remember that almost the entire recruitment process could take place online. Ensure you have a good internet connection, that you have a clear space where online interviews can take place. Practice online and telephonic interviews if need be.

Follow up.

I sometimes call candidates who’ve applied for jobs and they have no idea where I’m calling from or which job I’m calling about. It’s important to keep track of every job you’ve applied for, not just in case you get a call back but to do a follow up. Remember that there’s a human being on the other side of that job application and connecting with them will always improve your chances of an interview.

Never give up.

Doesn’t matter how bad things look there is always hope. Start today! Your job is out there and you will find it. Don’t give up.


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