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Scam Alert! Don’t fall victim to this recruitment scam.

We recently improved our capacity to provide our clients and candidates with background checks. During this process we’ve been contacted by many candidates wanting to make use of our services for purposes of job applications with potential employers. Upon further investigation we’ve discovered that many of them were dealing with job scammers.

With an ever growing number of unemployed jobseekers desperate to find work we understand that many may be susceptible to job scams. Next time you get a call from an agency or a company about a job application, here’s what to do in order to avoid falling victim to one of these job scams.


Sometimes a basic google search will tell you everything you need to know about a company. Do they have a website? Does the number listed on their website match the number you received a call from? Are they listed on any other website like Hellopeter as scammers? If you are unhappy with answers to any of the questions I’ve just listed, you should probably not proceed with the application.


As a general rule, an agency or potential employer should not require you as a job seeker to pay for any service related to your job application. We as agencies carry the cost of candidate applications and pass those costs to the employer. In cases where you are requested to pay for your own background checks, you should enquire about whether a police clearance will suffice and if a police clearance won’t suffice, you need to question why the cost of verification checks should be carried by you. If the company you’re applying at either asks you to pay for a service related to your job application or directs you to a different company to pay for any service related to your job application it’s very likely you’re being scammed.


One of the common traits of scammers is their inflation of salaries being offered and lack of specificity with regards to job information like location and names of managers. A simple way to counter this is to ask for specifics. Be sure you applied for the job you’re being contacted for and if not ask a lot of questions about how they came across your profile. In addition to that, ask about the company’s accreditation to APSO and any other bodies they are registered with as this could clear up a lot of potential issues.

We understand how tough the job market is, but falling victim to scams can make the situation worse and can cost a jobseeker much needed funds. It is important to be vigilant and ask as many questions of your potential employer as possible. If you think the company is running a scam then contact your local police station or department of labour office. Lastly, our team is always available to assist so if in doubt – call any InspHired consultant about any job application you’re being considered for.


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